Collaborative projects between China (including mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and Thailand are on the horizon as they will hold simultaneous auditions for multiple of their projects: ' #ILoveKillYou', '#ProjectS' and '#Universad', in which Anita Sung (Kiseki: Dear To Me), Chai Ji Dan (Addicted & Stay With Me) and Patrick Rangsimant (My Ride) will join the casting committee.

Artop Media will produce 'I Love/Kill You', based on the book of the same name by Patrick Rangsimant. The author himself and Chai Ji Dan will also take on the role of screenwriter, while Anita Sung will take on the role of screenwriter for 'Project S' and will film in Taiwan. Meanwhile, Universal, also based on an unreleased novel by Patrick Rangsimant, will also collaborate with a famous Chinese screenwriter.