7ORDER's Nichika Akutsu and Abe Aran will star in '#BLドラマの主演になりました / I Become the Lead of a BL Drama', based on the manga 'BL Drama no Shuen ni Narimashita' by Suzuri Machi. It is scheduled to premiere on December 24 via TELASA (Crank-In Version) and on January 1 on local broadcaster TV Asahi (Crank-Up Version).

A popular BL manga series is about to be adapted into a live-action television series. The two main roles will be played by Aoyanagi Hajime, a talented actor who was once a successful child actor but is no longer successful, and Akafuji Yuuichirou, a famous and handsome actor. Aoyagi has difficulty with Akafuji, who has an unfriendly attitude, but on the other hand, Akafuji has too much affection for Aoyagi... Will the two stars succeed in their BL drama?