A group of friends living together in the same house and making a deal that whoever can help Almond win his crush gets free rent from him. Latte, Tanwa, and Peak agreed, a risqué mission begins... that might lead them into love! .

Virgin Almond makes a wager with his three roommates—Latte, Thanwa and Peak. If one of them manages to hook him up with his crush, he'll cover one year of their rent.


Name : Knock knock boys

Country : Thailand

As known as : Ban Num Sot Home Phrom Love , บ้านหนุ่มโสด โหมดพร้อมเลิฟ

Cast : Nokia Chinnawat Phattharathanachot , Best Vittawin Veeravidhayanant , Seng Wichai Saefant , Jaonine Packapol Sodjam

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