Zong Yi (Yutung Lin), a young man who aspires to be a doctor, is forced to take the injured gangster, Ze Rui (Kai Hsu) to his own house and take care of the latter. As time goes by, the two get familiar and fall in love with each other. However, because of a gangster fight, Zong Yi takes the rap for Ze Rui and ends up in jail. The two are so torn apart, their friends, Eddy (Louis Chiang) and Chen Yi (Chen Bowen) also go their separate ways. Four years later, fate reunites the four of them again. They have to face past mistakes and regrets in order to regain their happiness.

Adapted from the novel "#Miracle" that was written by #LinPeiYu (author of #WeBestLove), Scheduled to premiere this year.

Starring - Louis Chiang, Kai Hsu, Yu Taro Lin and Chen Bowen

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EPISODE 12 :: PART 01 | PART 02

EPISODE 13 :: PART 01 | PART 02