Two likay heroes from different groups have to come together to promote a big show. On the outside, everying appears to flow seamlessly, but behind the scenes, the two are clashing like mad.


Name : Likay the series

Country : Thailand

As known as : พระเอกลิเก , Let Me into Your Heart , Likay Hero the Series , Phra-ek Likay The Series , Kho Pen Phra-ek Nai Huajai Phra-ek , พระเอกลิเก The Series , ขอเป็นพระเอกในหัวใจ...พระเอก? , ลิเกเดอะซีรีส์

Cast : Zaleng Teerachot Klaymongkon , Intouch Intouch Kooramasuwan

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Episode 01-04 | Episode 05-08 | Episode 09-12

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