Fueang Nakorn, (in his 30s) is one of the hottest Thai actors who typically plays the villain on TV but in reality, he is a well-mannered and kind person. He is very passionate about his work & cares deeply about his fans. Saying they are his encouragement to keep working hard! Fueang never gets into scandals and is very protective of his personal life leaving many people wondering about his love interests. Despite being very private if there is a person he likes, he can flirt and tease them but will also get shy around them too.

Navi aka Krom (25) is a software engineer who has been living in America for the past 8 years. He takes a 3-month vacation to visit his family in Thailand. He is a bit of a little master with his home in a wealthy neighborhood. Upon Krom’s return, he runs into his new neighbor, Fueang Nahkorn, whom Krom’s mother has adopted as her second son in Krom’s absence. Fueang often comes over and eats at their home as Mom has taken pity on the busy life of the single celebrity.

As Fueang and Krom get closer to each other, Fueang begins letting his guard down and Krom gets a glimpse into the hectic and stressful world of being a celebrity in Thailand and the effects of social media on these people put on a pedestal.


Name : City of stars the series

Country : Thailand

As known as : City of Star, Fueangnakorn, Fueangnakhon, เฟื่องนคร

Cast : Bank Thanathip Srithongsuk, Jenny Pataravadee Thitivoodtikul, JJ Rathasat Butwong, Job Krisz Ahandrik, Kimmon Warodom Khemmonta, Porsche Sitha Kanchana-alongkorn

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