‘My Strawberry Film (マイストロベリーフィルム)’ is the last installment in 2023’s MBS x Kadokawa’s collaboration project, which broadcast in the Tunku Drama Shower time slot and is set to take over ‘Sahara-sensei to Toki-kun’ in February. The drama consists of eight episodes and will feature up-and-rising actors from Johny’s Jr., Ryusei Fukada (Shonen Ninja) and Rei Yabana (7 Men Samurai) as Ryo Ichikawa and Hikaru Onada, respectively, alongside Ririka Tanabe and Mizuki Yoshida. Ryo Kawasaki, known for his work on Minato ShoujiCoin Laundry 2 and Naked Dining (as well as one for the screenwriters), is in charge of directing the youth drama about the intertwining feelings of four people.

SYNOPSIS: High school sophomores Ryo, Hikaru, and Chika are living a seemingly peaceful high school life while harboring hidden emotions. One day, Hikaru and Chika find 8mm film in an old warehouse inside the school. A stunning girl in the film captures Hikaru’s attention, while Ryo worries about Hikaru, and Chika keeps an eye on the beautiful girl, whose gaze seems to pass by.


‘My Strawberry Film’ will be broadcast every Thursday at 25:29 JST on local TV station MBS starting on February 15. For its international release, please stay tuned for more dates as well as our exclusive BL recap of the show!