Taiwan production house Vidol is giving us a robot-human relationship.

When CHU Yi-ping, an emotionless man, dislocates his hand in an accident at school, his uncle gives him Ever 9 as a caretaker. Ever 9 is an experimental intelligent robot that his company is secretly testing. Although Yi-ping is reluctant at the beginning, he finds that Ever 9 complements his deficiencies and makes him feel companionship. Yi-ping asks Ever 9 to make a wish list and complete the wish list together. Before the list is completed, Ever 9 breaks down. The repair only takes a week and Ever 9 is reset. After the reset, Ever 9 rushes to complete the wish list but his attitude towards Vi-Ping has changed. He acts as if he is bored with Yi-ping and actively asks to be returned. Yi-ping doesn’t know what’s wrong with Ever 9, because he has learned from it how to be human and experience love.